Saturday, 31 March 2012

Collaboration Review- Marston's Oyster Stout

Good afternoon all. The second collaboration review beer was chosen by Luke- Oyster Stout (4.5% ABV) from Marston's. No oysters are actually used in the brewing process, the name is simply to indicate that oysters would be a suitable pairing for this beer. We both seem to have devoted this year to exploring a particular beer style- whist I have opted to try as many Belgian beers as possible, Luke is going all out for stouts, hence his choice being at the darker end of the Degrees Lovibond scale. Review after the pic....

As mentioned in the last collaboration review, the reviews have been divided into the individual's opinions and the reviewers are denoted by their initials (EH being Elliott Hamilton and LA being Luke Albutt). 


Appearance- dark red, verging on black, off-white head that dissipates quickly to nothing in the glass. Oily "slick" on surface during drinking

Aroma- light chocolate and coffee, malt, sulfurous quality

Taste- malty, cocoa, diluted roasted malt flavour, dry finish, acrid bitterness, cloying after short time

Mouthfeel- thin, low carbonation

Overall, a disappointing stout that delivers a lot of roasted malt bitterness but nothing else to balance and suppress this flavour, leading to a lot of cloying on the palette. The mouthfeel is also far too thin and watery. Not recommended, try Bristol Beer Factory Milk Stout, Camden Town Brewery Camden Ink or Young's Double Chocolate Stout for much better examples of low-ABV stouts that deliver a lot of flavour. 


Appearance- shimmers like a ruby in Icarus' gaze, generally quite black

Aroma- very subtle for a stout (typical yet subtle), noticeable sulfur presence that masks other aromas

Taste- very delicate and held back, personal preference is for more robustness from a stout

Mouthfeel- thin, low carbonation

Restrained stout, good gastro beer as flavours are subdued and wouldn't compete with the food. Seems like a failed experiment to an extent. 

Until next time....

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