Sunday, 4 March 2012

Rodenbach Grand Cru

Good morning all. This weekend has been very good indeed, with a visit to Camden Town Brewery for a tour and a taste of their fantastic new hoppy lager USA Hells, followed by a trip to Craft Beer Co. for many stellar offerings from the likes of Mikkeller, Evil Twin, Stillwater and Moor. I even managed to stop off at the Utobeer market to pick up a bottle of the highly-revered Bracia from Thornbridge, so all in all it's been beer-filled and beer-fueled, just the way I like it! The next couple of posts concern a couple of beers I had on Friday evening, with the first being Rodenbach Grand Cru from Brouwerij Rodenbach N.V., a Flanders Red Ale that uses lactic acid bacteria to impart a slightly sour flavour to the beer. Review after the pic....

Rodenbach Grand Cru (6.0% ABV) pours a dark amber colour with an off-white head that settles down to a halo around the inside of the glass. The aroma is a bit startling at first, with acetic acid/vinegar hitting hard but diminishing gradually to reveal dark fruits, cherries and a light sweetness in the background. Definitely not the same tartness as lambics though, so don't be put off yet if you're not a fan of that style. The taste is composed of acetic acid and cooking apples, with a grape aftertaste in the finish. The tartness lingers long after drinking, which is surprisingly refreshing. The mouthfeel is slightly thick and moderately carbonated, with the sourness effervescing over the palette to amplify the mouthfeel. Overall, a very interesting beer that encapsulates the desirable qualities of a lambic in a very drinkable experience. This  beer would serve as a perfect introduction to the world of sour beers, but it still has enough going for it to impress ardent supporters of the style. 

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