Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Beer Advent Calendar Day 20- Bristol Beer Factory Choc Orange Stout

Good evening all. After a nice family outing to Totnes (where I managed to up a bottle of Highland Park at a very good price, looking forward to having that over the Christmas period), I'm ready to put myself into seclusion briefly and dissect another one of the "12 Stouts of Christmas". Tonight's choice is Choc Orange Stout. Let's advance below the picture....
Choc Orange Stout is 5.0% ABV and has been flavoured with orange zest and orange juice. The appearance is dark black with a relatively small head in comparison to the other stouts in the series. The aroma is rich with plenty of chocolate and roasted malt. No orange aromas can be detected though. The taste brings out a lot of orange flavour, with the chocolate background complimenting this very well. It actually tastes like slightly chocolaty orange juice, with no real sense that this beverage has alcohol in it. No lingering bitterness in the finish either. The moutfeel is very lightly carbonated and velvety smooth. Overall, a very interesting stout that lives up to its name excellently. This beer would work well with a similarly flavoured dessert or as a good accompaniment to gammon. In conclusion, as with the rest of the stouts, I highly recommend it!

Tomorrow, another beer and another discussion. Until next time....

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