Sunday, 4 December 2011

Beer Advent Calendar Day 4- Stringers Dry Stout

The 4th day of this festive saga, and the first stout. I was contemplating having a stout to start these proceedings, as they always seem to go down well this time of year- the roasted malts deliver tastes of chocolate and coffee that really manage to warm the spirit- but for some reason I didn't. With tonight's refreshment, though, I'm glad I waited. Ladies and gentlemen, Stringers Dry Stout....

Having never heard of Stringers, my anticipation before trying this beer was even greater than usual. It is a marvelous experience in the beer taster's day to try a beer from a brewery that is completely new to that person. You have no preconceptions based on previous offerings and so the lack of bias is rather invigorating. Or something like that, anyway! Stringers Dry Stout (4.5% ABV) pours a deep black with a thick head that dissolves quickly. The aroma is gorgeous- dark malts and cocoa are immediately apparent without much swirling. You don't need to put your nose close to the glass to enjoy it either! The mouthfeel is surprisingly light, making this a very drinkable beer. The taste is, in one word, superb. Rich, dark chocolate with plenty of roasted malt in the background. Based on the ABV, I was fearing this beer would be quite thin (a common trait amongst lower gravity stouts) but thankfully this turned out to not be the case. All in all, this beer is a wonderfully balanced stout that is perfect for cold nights, or possibly even warm ones when you don't want to bust out an expensive imperial stout!

You'll be glad to know that tomorrow night, you shall not be exposed to my ramblings as I'm going to a gig, but I'm planning to make a stop at the excellent Cask Pub and Kitchen beforehand for the Magic Rock Brewery event. This does present an interesting opportunity in the form of either a travel advent calendar, or a review of however many beers I can get through in the space of 3 hours and still be able to find the tube station! Regardless of the choice, I shall no doubt combine it with day 6, so until next time....

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