Thursday, 8 December 2011

Beer Advent Calendar Day 8- White's Brewery Garter Star 1344

Evening all. Contradicting my previous post, I'm here to review another beer as it's another day in December (the 8th to be precise). The beer I've chosen for this evening wouldn't have been on my list if it wasn't for its inclusion in the recent selection pack from the fantastic My lack of interest in it forced me to choose it for tonight, as I've got a presentation to give tomorrow and would rather save something special for after that traumatically nerve-wracking event. Therefore, read onwards for the dissection of White's Brewery Garter Star 1344....

Garter Star 1344 looks, based on first impressions, like the sort of beer the English Defence League would use to recruit new members in Royal Legion pubs. The patriotic, gold-bordered St George's Cross shield works perfectly with the war-inspired tagline and the clear bottle (clearly no regard for the final product at all!). I wasn't expecting much with this one, but decided to patrol onwards. The beer pours a pale golden colour with virtually no carbonation. The aroma is very average- malty and very typical of bog-standard golden ales. The taste is just as dynamic, with malt and a bit of honey-like sweetness coming through but nothing exciting. The mouthfeel is so light that it feels as if I'm drinking it after it's sat out overnight. In conclusion, another sub-par golden ale that shouldn't have been brewed in the first place. There are much better beers out there, so my recommendation is to take your money and time elsewhere.

Tomorrow, more beer and words. Until next time....

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