Saturday, 3 December 2011

Beer Advent Calendar Day 3- Ilkley Brewery Ilkley Black

Today I was considering alternative ways to introduce these posts without resorting to modifying popular Christmas carols or referencing TV shows from the last decade, but unfortunately those were the only ones that stuck in my mind. Therefore, expect to see the phrases "Beer-mas" and "Day "X" in the Beer Brother House" in a future post. For now though, it's day three, it's Saturday, and it's time for another beer!

I've only had the opportunity to try one offering from Ilkley Brewery before today- their Lotus IPA (during my inaugural visit to the ultimate London beer temple, the Craft Beer Co.). I was rather disappointed by it, finding it to be an unmemorable experience that tasted like the majority of sub-standard bitters produced in this country. Their beers certainly seem to be popular though, as my last visit to the Craft Beer Co. demonstrated. All of the cask choices were Ilkley Brewery beers and they were definitely well-received by the punters. Unfortunately I didn't get the chance to try any of the beers during my stay (blame the keg choices for that evening!), and because I'm of the opinion that it's unfair to judge the quality of a brewery based on one product, Ilkley Black went to the top of my list for this evening's drink. Call it making up for lost time (and stronger beers getting in the way). 
Ilkley Black is a dark mild at an attractively sessionable ABV of 3.7%. It pours a deep amber colour with an inch thick head that quickly breaks down. The aroma is malty but very mild, and required a couple of swirls of the glass to get anything significant. Mouthfeel is very light. The taste is surprisingly malty, similar to yeast extract (i.e. Marmite), and lingers for a while on the palette after sipping. No bitterness at all. Reminds me of Left Hand's Milk Stout in terms of the light taste and pleasing mouthfeel. A very nice, mild beer that could be consumed over the course of an evening with ease, or as a break from stronger beers. 

Tomorrow night, another beer. Until next time....

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