Monday, 23 April 2012

Great Divide Brewing Co. Yeti

Good evening all. I'm currently in the process of uploading my second solo video beer review, so I thought it would be best to do a written one as well just so my legions of dedicated supporters won't feel deprived of my musings and ramblings. This post is all about Yeti, an Imperial Stout from Great Divide Brewing Co. based in Denver, Colorado. Despite having a few of their offerings in the cellar, to date I've only tried Titan IPA and found that to be very good, so hopefully the trend shall continue with this beer. Review after the pic....

Yeti (9.5% ABV) pours a jet black colour with a light brown head that dissipates to a patchy covering over the surface of the beer. The aroma is very rich and sweet, reminiscent of some of BrewDog's imperial stouts, with caramel, chocolate, coffee, yeast extract, roasted malt, dark fruits, hoppy citrus fruits and candy sugar. Smells amazing, particularly when I've had a lot of imperial stouts recently that focused more on the slightly bitter and piquant qualities that roasted malt can impart on a beer. The sweetness is almost reminiscent of a barley wine, which makes sense when reading the bottle description as it certainly sounds like they've whacked a considerable quantity of hops into this beer. The taste is an interesting blend of resinous/fruity hops and dark roasted malt flavours, making this a borderline-black IPA! There's plenty of chocolate, coffee, caramel, citrus fruits, yeast extract and a warming alcohol quality during drinking, with the finish being quite dry but not particularly bitter despite the significant hop additions. The mouthfeel is quite thick and the beer is moderately carbonated, which compliments the hoppy flavours as well as the darker ones. Overall, a very interesting imperial stout that manages to balance a significant sweetness and plenty of roasted malt flavours with a noticeable fruitiness from the aroma hops, creating a pseudo-black IPA in the process. I'd definitely get this again as I'm a big fan of the flavour combinations that come through in this offering, fantastic stuff!

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