Sunday, 22 April 2012

Nøgne Ø Two Captains

Good morning all. I'm back again with another backlogged beer review, and because such a small amount of time has passed since the last one, I'm going to do away with the usual life update introduction and get straight to the important stuff- please don't all applaud at once! The beer is Two Captains, a Double/Imperial IPA from Nøgne Ø, a very popular craft brewery operating out of Grimstad, Norway. A couple of their offerings have been reviewed on the blog in the past, and this one was garnering enough attention for me to throw my hat into the ring so let's get to it. Review after the pic....

Two Captains (8.5% ABV) pours a slightly cloudy light amber colour with minimal head during and after pouring. Some sediment found its way into the glass despite careful pouring, but this isn't much of a concern if you don't mind yeast in your beer! The aroma is predominantly composed of resinous hops, with some malt sweetness reminiscent of caramelised sugar/candy floss and a light sense of citrus fruits acting as a counterpoint to the heavier piney hops. A fairly standard Double IPA aroma, but then that's nothing to complain about as I love that aroma anyway! The taste is more full-on than the aroma, with resinous hops, sweetness and a pronounced bitterness to the finish from the increased hop additions. The alcohol is quite noticeable, providing a slight burn during drinking and a warming quality afterwards. The bitterness can be quite cloying after a few sips, and the sweetness builds up to become more like burnt sugar. Some citrus fruits (oranges, lemons) also make themselves known in the latter stages of the beer after the initial resinous hop wallop. The mouthfeel is slightly thick and the beer is lightly carbonated, but still manages to support the flavours well. Overall, a solid Double IPA from a very good brewery, with plenty of resinous hop character, some citrus fruit hops providing a slight balance, and a healthy puckering bitterness in the finish offset by some sweetness. I do prefer my Double IPAs on the sweeter side (BrewDog/Mikkeller I Hardcore You, Evil Twin Disco Beer, Kuhnhenn DRIPA), but every so often it's nice to go for something with a heavier bitterness, and this beer is perfect for those occasions. Definitely recommended!

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