Sunday, 8 April 2012

Saltaire Brewery Triple Chocoholic

Good evening all. Hope everyone is having a Happy/Hoppy Easter enjoying time with family and friends and drinking lots of interesting beer. I had this libation last night, but in retrospect I should have saved it for this evening as I opted out of receiving any chocolate this year and can't help but think that might have been a foolish choice. Regardless, this beer is from a brewery that is gradually becoming a firm favourite on the blog, with two of their offerings buried in the archives somewhere, and with every intention for more to be sampled in the future. The brewery is Saltaire Brewery and this is their Triple Chocoholic stout, brewed with chocolate malt and lots of different chocolate additions. Based on their previous offerings I was expecting good things, so let's get straight to the review after the pic....

Triple Chocoholic (4.8% ABV) pours a rich black colour with a thick off-white head that dissipates to a patchy covering over the surface of the beer. It definitely looks the part and suggests a nice thick mouthfeel- which is what I like from a stout- so it's ticking all the boxes so far. The aroma is pretty stunning, with chocolate syrup and some roasted malt in the background, accompanied by a slight fruitiness. The first draw brings along a fair amount of chocolate and not much else, but subsequent sniffs bring out more of the roasted malt and seem to diminish the chocolate quality somewhat. The chocolate aroma seems to come in waves, and when it's absent from the proceedings there isn't much else to excite the olfactories, but considering the lower ABV percentage this can be somewhat expected. The taste is composed of chocolate, some coffee, roasted malt and a lactose sugar quality, with a bitterness to the finish from the chocolate. The finish is also quite dry, which works well with the bitterness and the slight piquancy from the chocolate. The chocolate isn't too overpowering which compliments the malt flavours, and there is a partial grape flavour to the aftertaste which might be some of the hop presence making itself known. The mouthfeel is thick and the beer is well-carbonated, which serves to support the flavours from the malt and the chocolate additions. Definitely renders the beer smooth, rich and velvety without cloying on the palette. Overall, a very flavoursome beer that amplifies the usual chocolatey flavours associated with stouts without being too imposing and masking the subtleties contained within. The bitterness from the chocolate additions compliments the dry finish from the roasted malt, and the mouthfeel is perfect in providing a platform for all of these flavours to intertwine. This beer would be a perfect accompaniment to a dessert, or for moments when you want a sweet treat but would rather have it in liquid form. Definitely recommended, along with any of Saltaire Brewery's magnificent range.

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  1. That looks awesome. You making me wish I was still a fun time drunk.