Saturday, 4 February 2012

Windsor & Eton Brewery Republika

Good evening all. Tonight I'm having a beer that I picked up earlier today at Utobeer during an unscheduled but ultimately rewarding trip to London. This trip culminated in a visit to BrewDog Camden, with two new beers from the scamps themselves available on draft- Libertine Porter and IPA Is Dead Simcoe. As Simcoe is probably my favourite hop variety, and because it was used so marvelously in this context, the IPA Is Dead is my firm favourite at the time of writing. Really looking forward to seeing these in bottles over the coming months now! The beer in question for tonight's review is Republika from Windsor & Eton, a pilsner lager that I've had before (and loved) but felt it deserved a proper evaluation on the blog. Review after the pic....

Republika (4.8% ABV) pours a golden colour with a white head that quickly dissipates to virtually nothing in the glass. The pic was only taken about 15 seconds after the pour, so you can see how short-lived it is! The aroma is subtle, with noble hops, malt and a sweetness that's very reminiscent of honey. The taste is much of the same, with bittering/noble hop flavours and biscuity malt, with a slight sweetness and bitterness in the finish. The mouthfeel is thin and not very carbonated. Overall, a very crisp and thirst-quenching lager with a decent helping of noble hops and a dry yet pleasing bitterness to the finish. Although it's not quite as good as I remembered, it's still a great lager and would make a nice transitional drink for anyone thinking of getting into craft beers. This is the sort of beer that you want to have at the end of a hard day, so it's a shame I can't have it around more often! Highly recommended.

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