Sunday, 1 January 2012

BrewDog AB:07

Good evening all, back for another post tonight. Although I was trying to talk myself out of it (still haven't quite recovered from last night yet) I've opted for another beer this evening, and it's a special one. AB:07 (BrewDog) is a whisky cask-aged imperial scotch ale, and was released in September 2011 as part of the Abstrakt series, an ongoing collection of one-off, limited release beers that are intended to showcase bolder, fuller-bodied beers. As a fan of scotch ales, and with the slight disappointment of the recently released Prototype Scotch Ale still ringing in my mind, this was a beer I was definitely looking forward to. Let's get to the review....

AB:07 (12.5% ABV) pours a deep black colour with no head formed. The aroma is very alcoholic, with a caramelised sweetness and some whisky notes in the background. The taste is reminiscent of burnt sugar, with some roasted malt flavours and a bitterness in the finish from the whisky. The moutfeel is quite light, with the beer being very lightly carbonated. This is definitely a beer to have after a meal with a similarly-flavoured dessert, as the richness of the flavours and the warming effect of the alcohol require savouring, with plenty of time between each sip. Overall, a very good example of a scotch ale, with plenty of sweetness coming through and a nice edge from the whisky cask-ageing. This is a much better beer than the Scotch Ale brewed for the Prototype series, regardless of the fact both were brewed for different contexts. If you can get hold of a bottle, don't waste the opportunity as you won't be disappointed.

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