Thursday, 19 January 2012

Chouffe Houblon Dobbelen IPA Tripel

Good evening all. After an exam that could've gone much better, I'm in the mood for something interesting and, most importantly, flavoursome. I had two fairly average beers last night- including one that I just couldn't see the point in blogging about- so for tonight's beer I turned to the rapidly diminishing collection of bottles I purchased from the Utobeer stand last weekend and pulled out Chouffe Houblon Dobbelen IPA Tripel from Brasserie d'Achouffe. The gnome on the bottle inspecting his beard behind a hefty hop harvest promises... something, although I'm not exactly sure what that could be! As always, review after the pic....

Chouffe Houblon Dobbelen IPA Tripel (9.0% ABV) pours a golden colour with a thick white head that retains itself well on the surface of the beer. There's even a bit of lacing on the side of the glass, which seems to be becoming a regular occurrence now- gotta love that Belgian yeast! The aroma is very spicy and phenolic, with a subtle citrus hop presence in the background and an awareness of the malt behind all of that. I was expecting a more imposing hop character with this beer, but it seems the yeast takes precedence. Not that I'm complaining though, it's still a wonderful aroma! The taste is almost a 50/50 mix between spicy phenols and fruity hops, with a tangy but not overly bitter finish. The hop flavours reveal themselves more and more during the beer, with grapefruit and a grape-like aftertaste in the finish. The mouthfeel is thick, which supports the flavours very well, and the beer is relatively carbonated but not too lively. I certainly didn't have a foam volcano situation upon opening the bottle! Overall, this is a wonderful beer that combines the spice of Belgian yeast with the fruity bitterness of hops to create a well-balanced yet dynamic drinking experience. Highly recommended for Belgian fans and hop-heads looking for a break from the norm. 

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