Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Cantillon Kriek Lambic

Good evening all. I seem to be trying to depart from the stouts as much as possible after the epic blowout I had in the build up to Christmas (still have one left from the "12 Stouts of Christmas" series, which will be reviewed in the next couple of days), and what better way to reacquaint the tastebuds with anything other than chocolate and coffee than a lambic! Lambic beers, for anyone who cares, are beers that have been spontaneously fermented with wild yeast to produce an experience like no other beer. Predominantly sour and funky (some might even say rancid) and commonly infused with cherries or raspberries, every beer is slightly different. Tonight I'm drinking Kriek Lambic from the masters of spontaneous fermentation, Cantillon Brewery. Review after the customary pic....

Kriek Lambic (5.0% ABV) pours a cherry red with a similarly coloured head that quickly dissolves to almost nothing in the glass. The aroma is incredible, with an unusual funky sourness and a lovely cherry smell that reminds me of Halls Soothers. Most people would be put off by the aroma, but it only furthers my interest in this beer. The taste is overpowering at first, with a tart sourness that coats the inside of the mouth. This soon effervesces away to reveal a subtle cherry flavour that lingers in the finish. No sense of any malty flavours during drinking as they're masked by the intensity of the sourness and the fruit additions. The mouthfeel is very light and the beer itself is only slightly carbonated, allowing the sourness to prevail. This beer is not for everyone, as the idea of drinking something that is intentionally sour is definitely an acquired taste. For me, this is a great beer, not only because it's different, but because it tastes fantastic and is surprisingly well balanced. The sourness does hit strongly at first, but it becomes an integral part of the beer that you'll want to find in any fruit beer you drink afterwards. Anyone willing to go beyond the initial shock and confusion will be rewarded with a truly one of a kind experience. This beer is ideal for cleansing the palate between meals, or just for those moments when you want something inexplicably unique.

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