Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Magic Rock Brewing High Wire

Good evening all. I seem to be on a Magic Rock kick at the moment, judging by last night's and tonight's choices. Since revision has been going well, I was looking for something with a fairly low ABV percentage but plenty of flavour, and it seems that High Wire is the perfect candidate. Review after the pic....

High Wire (5.5% ABV) pours a light amber colour with a thick white head that dissolves to a patchy covering on the surface of the beer. There's even a bit of lacing on the side of the glass, which is always a nice thing to see! The aroma is a dichotomy between fruity citrus hops and biscuit malt. The first time you smell the beer, the hops come through quite powerfully, but after that the malt seems to gradually mix in until it's almost masking their contribution. The taste is composed of citrus fruits and plenty of malt, with a relatively bitter, dry finish and an almost grape-like aftertaste. The mouthfeel is quite light with moderate carbonation. Whilst not being an incredible beer, this is still a solid offering from Magic Rock that emulates the pale ales of the US West Coast very well, with an extra malt kick added to root it firmly in this country. I'd happily make this an everyday beer, as it has an attractively low ABV percentage and packs plenty of hoppy flavours. Definitely recommended!

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