Saturday, 7 January 2012

To Øl First Frontier IPA

Good evening all. Today is my last day in Devon until April, so I've been watching films and creating revision sheets for when the real fear starts next week. I've decided I can let myself break away from this arduous routine for a moment or two to enjoy a beer, so that's exactly what I've done. First on the menu tonight is First Frontier from To Øl. I've had this beer before (coincidentally, on my "last day in Devon for a while" during the summer) and thoroughly enjoyed it, so I feel it deserves a proper assessment. Review after the pic....

First Frontier (7.1% ABV) is an IPA brewed with an all-American selection of hops, which already makes me interested. Although I'm not quite the hophead I used to be, the IPA style is still one I'm a big fan of. The beer pours a rich golden colour with a decent white head that retains well on the surface of the beer. There's also a very small amount of lacing present. The aroma is incredible- citrus and grapefruit behind a malty backbone. Very hoppy, just the way I like it. The taste is also composed of characteristically hop-based fruits, with a noticeable bitterness in the finish that warrants time between sips so as not to overload the palate. The mouthfeel is thick and well carbonated. This is a very good IPA, with plenty of fresh, fruity hops erupting from the glass in the flavour and aroma, and a bitter finish that will satiate the most ardent hop fanatics. It's nice to have IPAs aged in wine barrels or IPAs brewed with coffee, but then it's also great to come back to basics, and this beer is perfect for those moments. Food-wise, this would work well with hamburgers to cut through the rich flavours.

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