Wednesday, 25 January 2012

The Inveralmond Brewery Ossian

Good evening all. Apologies for the decreased activity recently, which can be put down to exams and illness marring any recent attempts at beer pontificating.  Whilst both of these are still going on at the time of writing, I've opted to continue on regardless. Apparently tonight is Burns Night, and in a rare moment of serendipity I've managed to choose an appropriate beer for the occasion: Ossian, a golden ale with First Gold, Perle and Cascade hops, from The Inveralmond Brewery. Review after the pic....

Ossian (4.1% ABV) pours a golden colour with a thick white head that retains itself well on the surface of the beer, giving rise to some attractive lacing during the first half. The aroma consists of bittering/noble-type hops, biscuit malt and a degree of fruitiness, with some floral character and a zesty feel in the background- reminiscent of a subdued pilsner, which is not a bad thing at all really! The taste brings up more noble hop flavours- creating a crisp, thirst quenching experience- with the malt in the background playing a supportive role. Some honey comes through every so often, and the finish is fruity with a slight caramelised bitterness (no hop bitterness though). The mouthfeel is quite light and moderately carbonated, making the beer very drinkable. This is a solid golden ale with a distinctive lager quality to it which, combined with the low ABV percentage, makes it very sessionable. The flavours are sufficient enough but not overly cloying on the palette and, whilst this is certainly nothing extraordinary, it's still a very good beer. Definitely recommended. 

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