Monday, 16 January 2012

Magic Rock Brewing Bearded Lady

Good evening all. I'm trying to get used to the new blogger interface so excuse any deviations from the original format! As of tonight one exam has been completed, so I'm another step closer to experiencing that wonderful post-exam freedom and enjoying something rare/unusual from the cellar (believe me, there are quite a few choices as well!). Tonight though, I feel I deserve something interesting, and it just so happens I received an order from MyBreweryTap earlier today containing three bottles of Magic Rock's newest imperial stout, Bearded Lady. This was released at the Cask Pub and Kitchen late last year along with Rock Star, and due to a prior engagement I was only able to try the beer with the lower ABV percentage. Therefore, I consider tonight to be making up for missed opportunities! Review after the pic....

Bearded Lady (10.5% ABV) pours a rich black colour with a thick beige head that settles down to a patchy covering over the surface of the beer. The aroma is surprisingly light considering the high ABV percentage, with roasted malt, milky coffee and some bitter chocolate. Despite the subtlety, it's still very complex, making it quite hard to discern the individual aromas. This aspect of the beer might be quite subdued, but the taste certainly isn't! Tasting the beer yields a fusion of interesting flavours, including roasted malt, dark fruits, coffee and a rather bitter dark chocolate aftertaste. The finish is dry with some vinous berry hints, and there is a warming boozy presence that remains on the palate long after drinking. The mouthfeel is quite thick with moderate carbonation. This is certainly not your run-of-the-mill imperial stout! All the flavours and aromas are firmly towards the "dark" end of the spectrum, and the composition is very complex and thought-provoking. You can certainly sit down and enjoy this beer as a fantastic stout, but if you go beyond that you'll definitely be taking multiple sips to try and identify just why this beer is so extraordinary. I still don't think I have, so I'll leave the secrets and sorcery to the wizards at Magic Rock and recline with one of the most interesting beers I've had in a while.

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