Saturday, 28 January 2012

Mikkeller Black Hole BA White Wine

Good afternoon all. Last night I promised a review of something special to commemorate the exam conquering, and I always try and deliver when it comes to beer! So without further do, a review of Black Hole Barrel Aged White Wine from the gypsy brewing supremo Mikkeller. Review after the pic....

Black Hole BA White Wine (13.1% ABV) pours a dark red colour (appears black in the glass) with a thick chestnut brown head that retains itself well throughout drinking. The aroma is incredibly vinous and boozy, with almost no sense of any roasted malt or other typical imperial stout aromas. The taste is amazing- very vinous, dark fruits, licorice, chocolate, coffee and some candy sugar sweetness. The finish is dry with a tart piquancy and some nuttiness. The mouthfeel is thick and generously carbonated, and the beer itself is very creamy and drinkable despite the high ABV percentage. This beer renews a thought I always have when I try BA beers- you can't go wrong ageing a beer in a wine barrel. I'm sure there are dire examples that I've yet to try but so far, particularly with Mikkeller's offerings, I've always been thoroughly impressed. This builds upon Black Hole marvelously, and I wouldn't hesitate in buying it again if I had the opportunity. Highly recommended!

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