Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Beer Advent Calendar 2013 Day 10 and 11- Van Eecke Poperings Hommelbier and Mikkeller Weizenbock

Good evening all. The work Christmas party derailed my advent calendar plans last night, so here's another double post. Tonight we've got Poperings Hommelbier from Van Eecke (Poperinge-Watou, Belgium) and Weizenbock from Mikkeller (Copenhagen, Denmark), respectively a Belgian Ale and (unsurprisingly) Weizen Bock. Review after the pic....

Poperings Hommelbier (7.5% ABV) pours a golden colour with a short-lived white head. Very heavy malt aroma accompanied by bittering hops, candy sugar, Belgian yeast and a hint of funk. Marzipan, esters, honey and a light alcohol burn during drinking, with a splash of hop-derived grapefruit coming out in the finish. Solid beer, wish I hadn't waited this long to try it!

Weizenbock (8.5% ABV) pours a hazy amber colour with a short-lived white head. Aroma is packed with wheat, candied fruits and caramel, whilst the taste is surprisingly light with the aforementioned aromas only noticeable through retrohaling. Mouthfeel could be thicker for this style of beer, but the alcohol content isn't noticeable. Wouldn't get it again, there are definitely much better examples of this beer style!

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