Saturday, 14 December 2013

Beer Advent Calendar 2013 Day 13 and 14- Bristol Beer Factory Whisky and Bourbon Cask Imperial Stouts

Good evening all. I'm back with another double beer review to make up for my lackadaisical blogging. Tonight's post is rather special as it's a double teaming from Bristol Beer Factory in the form of Whisky and Bourbon barrel-aged incarnations of their imperial stout, produced as part of last year's "12 Stouts of Christmas" collection. Unfortunately BBF aren't producing a similar series of stouts this year, so I thought it would be a fitting tribute to finally get round to trying these beers during this year's advent calendar. Review after the pic....

Whisky Cask (10.5% ABV) pours a jet-black colour with a short-lived caramel coloured head. Lovely rich aroma with yeast extract, licorice, coffee, dark chocolate and some whisky residing in the background. The whisky comes out a lot more during drinking, imparting some light alcohol character which mingles nicely with the oily mouthfeel. Great beer and a further reminder of how much the 12 stouts collection is missed this year.

Bourbon Cask (10.5% ABV) pours much the same but with a slightly lighter head. Vanilla bourbon and yeast extract aroma (great combination when they mix together!) and plenty of licorice. Lovely rich bourbon flavour with oak, licorice, caramelised sugar and yeast extract in the background. Similar balance of flavours to the Whisky Cask, mouthfeel has a bit more carbonation to it which is certainly complimentary. A pair of excellent beers!

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