Friday, 20 December 2013

Beer Advent Calendar 2013 Day 20- Rocket Science Ales Jupiter

Good evening all. Tonight's beer is from a brewery that I've never encountered before, picked up during my recent visit to Favourite Beers in Cheltenham. It's Jupiter, an Imperial IPA from Rocket Science Ales (Yate, UK). Review after the pic....

Jupiter (8.5% ABV) pours a hazy amber colour with a bubbly "cask-style" white head. Great aroma with resin, grapefruit and some honey sweetness supporting everything in the background. Drinking the beer delivers a similar tropical fruit whack, with resin, pine, grapefruit, mango and caramel. The hops pack a pleasing bitterness that can cloy if you're not too careful, which is harder than it sounds when considering the flavours on show. Solid DIPA, I'll be looking out for more beers from this brewery in the future.

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