Thursday, 19 December 2013

Beer Advent Calendar 2013 Day 19- Celt Experience/Master of Hoppets Danish Monster

Good evening all. Tonight's beer is a collaboration between The Celt Experience (Caerphilly, Wales) and  YouTube beer reviewer Master of Hoppets; it's a lemon-infused IPA made as part of their Shape-Shifter series and you can find the review after the pic....

Danish Monster (6.2% ABV) pours a light amber colour with a short-lived white head that settles to a thin film over the surface of the beer. Straight out of the bottle the aroma smacked me in the face with fruity hops, honey and a hint of sulfur in the background. The hops alternate between grassy and tropical fruits, and sometimes a bit of resin comes through. Malty sweetness and grapefruit hit first during drinking, segueing nicely into the lemon/citrus notes before the hoppy bitterness takes over and lingers in the finish. This can be slightly cloying, but overall it's a very drinkable beer with a very satisfying hop blast.

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