Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Beer Advent Calendar 2013 Day 3 and 4- Brouwerij De Molen Mühle & Bahnhof & Weird Beard/Northern Monk Bad Habit

Good evening all. Apologies for the lack of an advent calendar post yesterday- to compensate and catch up I'm going to do a back-to-back review of two beers which should sort everything out nicely. Tonight I've opted for Mühle & Bahnhof from Brouwerij De Molen (Bodegraven, The Netherlands) and Bad Habit from Weird Beard (London, UK) and Northern Monk (Bradford, UK), the former being a gose (sour wheat beer) and the latter being a hoppy tripel. This is certainly shaping up to be a good night of drinking, so let's get onto the reviews after the pic....

Mühle & Bahnhof (9.2% ABV) pours a dark copper colour with a very short-lived bubbly white head. On the nose there's lactic acid, caramel, oak and bourbon; the latter imparting a pleasing richness with some burnt notes in the background. In comparison the taste isn't particularly overpowering; the tartness is certainly on show (backed up by the barrel ageing) and there's a nice dose of alcohol in the background but nothing else is discernible until the sourness has subsided, leaving a malty finish with some lingering sweetness and a subtle hoppiness. Unusual but still well worth trying!

Bad Habit (8.6% ABV) pours a rich golden colour with tonnes of white head and a cascade of carbonation maintaining everything very nicely. The aroma is packed with Belgian yeast esters, marzipan, malt, funk and some fruity hops in the background. The hops kick up some bitterness and grape character, but the malt is the most dominant presence both during drinking and in the quite-dry finish, along with plenty of spice and a hint of that stank fonk. Great mouthfeel for the flavours on display though, making this a great example of a UK-brewed tripel from a couple of up-and-coming breweries. 


  1. had the tripel last night but wasn't massively keen..too heavy going and ended up ditching half of it. Gose sounds good though

    1. Definitely know what you mean, it was quite overpowering at first with all of the carbonation!