Saturday, 21 December 2013

Beer Advent Calendar 2013 Day 21- De Struise Brouwers Black Damnation IV - Coffee Club

Good evening all. The big day is almost upon us, so I feel it's time to break out a few of the big guns. Tonight's beer is Black Damnation IV- Coffee Club, an Imperial Stout from De Struise Brouwers (Oostvleteren, Belgium). This is a rum barrel aged version of Black Albert, and if it's anything like Mocha Bomb or Black Mes then I'm in for a real treat! Review after the pic....

Black Damnation IV- Coffee Club (13.0% ABV) pours a jet-black colour with a thick brown head that settles to a patchy covering over the surface of the beer. Surprisingly light yet rich aroma, with caramel, licorice, oak, chocolate, coffee, roasted malt, molasses and a hint of rum in the background. The Belgian yeast imparts a fair bit of effervescence during drinking, and mingles nicely with the chocolate, raspberry, coffee, rum and caramel on show. The alcohol is worryingly unnoticeable during drinking but does warm up the chest slightly in the finish. Very light body (probably a result of the yeast and the candy sugar), making this a ridiculously drinkable imperial stout. Highly recommended!

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