Saturday, 7 December 2013

Beer Advent Calendar 2013 Day 6 and 7- Buxton Brewery Smokey and the Band-Aid and Siren/Mikkeller/Hill Farmstead Limoncello IPA

Good evening all. In what seems to be becoming a recurring trend I was unable to do an advent calendar post last night, so enjoy two reviews to make up for this second lapse. Tonight we've got Smokey and the Band-Aid and Limoncello IPA from Buxton Brewery (Buxton, UK) and Siren Craft Brewery (Berkshire, UK) respectively. The former is a smoked rye porter and the latter is a mental collaboration with Mikkeller and Hill Farmstead that aims to replicate the flavour of the eponymous Italian lemon liqueur, so let's get to it after the pic....

Smokey and the Band-Aid (7.0% ABV) pours a jet-black colour with a short-lived cream coloured head. The aroma is predominantly phenolic smoked malt backed up by toasty notes, caramel and soy sauce. Tasting the beer there's some light tartness on the palate accompanied by smoked malt, yeast extract and a hint of sweetness in the finish. Good mouthfeel which supports the subdued flavours well, making this a very decent offering from an excellent brewery.

Limoncello IPA (9.1% ABV) pours a hazy golden colour with a white head that maintains itself during drinking. Light aroma with biscuit malt, flowery hops and a hint of lemon in the background. During drinking is when things get interesting, as the tartness builds in intensity whilst the lemon mixes nicely with the bitterness and citrus character of the hops. Unlike yeast-derived tartness, this amplifies during each sip and has a much longer finish. Very deceptive on the alcohol as well, and despite the sourness this is a surprisingly drinkable beer so be warned! Definitely a one-of-a-kind beer, seek it out and be amazed.

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